A b o u t U s

After their first Album Cuba Libre (2005) and their Hit Arriba Deutschland (2016) García Scholz and Niessner have composed and launched a new LP.

With this album we want to encourage our listeners to experience a „revolution of the heart“ since the challenges of our busy and complicated life often leave behind the simplicity of life itself and its meaning. It should be a message for diversity, understanding between all humans and tolerance!

The band sticks to their roots and mixes all kinds of Latin sounds from traditional to modern going through various styles like R’nB, Pop and Rock. “So we want to express the freedom of music touching various styles and influences”.

From the fall season 2021 the band focuses on a live performance based on the two albums Cuba Libre and Revolución mixed with new interpretations of classic Latin Hits from Ricky Martin, Maná or Santana . With its live band formed by 7 musicians and counting with the drummer Stephan Emig and Venezuelan percussionist Nené Vásquez who is well known for his collaboration with Latin Pop Artists like Shakira, the band meets every music taste and presents and performs a unique show which is a firework of sound on stage. The influences of European and Latin American Culture combined in one Sound: Cuba Libre and Revolución!

Fabian Kampa (Gitarre & Gesang) und der Hamburger Matthias Banse (Piano, Keyboards & E-Bass) komplettieren das Septett.
Tickets für das Konzert am 25. September im Museumshof sind erhältlich unter www.reservix.com
Die Songs werden auf allen Streamingportalen verfügbar sein.

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